Benefits of Using Microgrid Technology

In the wake of frequent storms happening globally, Microgrids have come to improve the overall life of this energy-reliant race. Microgrids have several benefits that many can enjoy. From lowering the energy cost to keeping the lights on even after the storms, microgrids also serve society with other benefits.

Benefits of Microgrid Technology

Below are some of these benefits that come with using Microgrids, whether for residential or commercial uses.

Increases Electricity Reliability

Power outages are not only an inconvenience, but they are also dangerous. For instance, when Superstorm Sandy hit some parts of the United States, the Manhattan hospital backup generators failed, the medics had to carry sick infants down dark staircases while pumping air into their lungs.

With a microgrid, institutions can stay connected to power even after an outage and function as normal until the power is restored.

Microgrids are Safe for the Environment

Microgrids mainly use renewable energy technologies, whether in supplying energy to their customers or storing the energy for them. In return, this helps in combating carbon emissions in many institutions, businesses, or companies.

Enables Community Economic Growth

The main advantage here is that Microgrids are helping in massive job creations, especially at the local level. Through the development of microgrids, a lot of research is required, thus creating more jobs for the community, which eventually improves an area’s economy.

Microgrids Help to Bolster Cyber Security.

A great ransomware attack in 2017 that affected over 150 countries increased global worries about cyber security. The attack had a tremendous negative impact that resulted in more and more institutions worldwide using microgrids. Thanks to their distributed architecture, microgrids are more resistant to malware.

Microgrids Save Money

One way microgrids help you save money is by regulating the amount of energy used with the help of a smart energy system. The smart energy system also helps to minimize power outages, thus saving microgrid customers a few coins.

Microgrids are a lifesaver for many electricity-reliant businesses, companies, institutions, and even residential homes. The highly appreciated advantage is saving money and not having to deal with power outages.