What are Non-Woven Bags and Why They Are Eco Friendly?

Over the last few years, there has been concern worldwide about environment and therefore protection of environment has become a top priority today. The carry bags used so far by most of the consumers were made out of plastic material, which produces toxic effect on the environment including marine life.

This is the reason why lots of emphasis is given for using materials which are eco-friendly. There are a number of biodegradable items introduced to create  custom  Full Color Printed Bags, which is here to stay once these plastic bags are discarded totally. Let us therefore try to understand what these environment friendly non-woven bags are?

It doesn’t matter if you carry bags or not, the increasing environmental concerns have made it almost our responsibility to live more environmentally friendly lives. We can make this happen by choosing eco-friendly products. You can help reduce the environmental dangers posed by plastic bags by using eco-friendly non-woven bags and plastic bag. Paper bags are eco-friendly, but let’s first understand non woven bags.

What are non-woven bags?

These bags are usually made from polypropylene fabric. When this type of fabric is manufactured they are bonded with polypropylene fiber and due to that it becomes smooth, soft and also air-permeable. They look almost like cotton when unprocessed. Fibers of these types of non-woven bags are bonded together with thermal as well as mechanical process. These non-woven bags are attractive, durable, reusable, breathable, hypoallergenic, water resistant, soft, washable and light. Such materials are quite durable and can easily last for almost 5 years or even more.

The broad definition of non-woven fabrics is sheet or web structures that are bonded together using entangling fibers or filaments, as well as perforating films. Because of their eco-friendly properties, these fabrics are widely used in bag manufacturing. We will now see why paper and non-woven bags are so environmentally friendly.

The other advantages of these non-woven bags are that you can easily print any company logo with the advertisement of the company or product and therefore it can be a great tool for corporate sector and can also be used as a gift. When a shopper buys an item, he can get a bag that can also be used as a promotional tool for the company.

They are recyclable

These bags are considered environmental friendly because it can be produced from recycled materials. Depending upon the requirement of strength the percentage composition may be varied for certain applications. As these materials are easily recyclable, it cannot create any kind of pollution in the environment. That is the reason you can now find plenty of manufacturers, who have come up with their non-woven bags and we need to patronize them as they are helping in the preservation of the environment.

Helps in conserving natural resources while manufacturing

The manufacturing process of such non-woven bags are much simpler and they are usually made from the resources that are readily available and therefore it can preserve not only the natural resources but also the energy. Manufacturing of such bags do not cause any pollution which is another reason that it is more preferred.

Cuts down toxic waste

As we have seen that these non-woven bags are eco-friendly, there is no toxic waste or harmful things created out of it. On the other hand, plastic bags can cause water and air pollution and global warming when they are produced. Plastic bags are not only damaging our environment but also making a lot of negative impact on sea and marine life.

Keeping in view of all these reasons, non-woven bags can be the best alternate to save the environment of the earth.