All that you need to know about windows hosting and its advantage

Choosing the right web hosting plan for your business is important for it to thrive. There are plenty of options available but you want the best and the right plan. You will need a system that is fully optimized for your operating system. This usually gives us two options to choose from- Linux hosting or windows hosting. This article will provide all the necessary details about windows hosting and how it is better.

Windows hosting

It is a type of website hosting that uses the Windows operating system. It offers accessibility to ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. This is shared by various websites and is a cheap option for people wanting to start web hosting.

Shared hosting

It is a single server whose space and resources are shared between a lot of websites. It is highly accessible, and if you are new to web hosting, this is the best option because of its cheap cost. Your provider will handle all the technicalities in this so you won’t have to worry about the crazy tech stuff if you are a beginner and can straight up focus on your business and growing the website.

Since it is a shared server, an understandable worry of security comes into play but a good and legit provider will give you additional security and make sure your data remains safe and private always. Shared hosting also poses a problem of slowing down if there is a lot of traffic on one website. But the providers got a solution to this too.

You can upgrade your plans and have additional and amazing features for the smooth running of your website. Shared hosting is excellent if you have a business on a small scale or you are just starting. Great plans and updates will keep providing you a good experience of using this.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Windows Shared Hosting For Your Website:

1.Provides Compatibility With Windows Tools

Most businesses use windows tools for their work, and windows hosting is quite compatible with the tools. Companies tend to use Microsoft structured query language for their website and database, and for them using windows hosting is important. Moreover, the workforce they hire already has an upper hand in handling Microsoft-based problems, so using windows hosting just makes life easier for them.


Although windows shared hosting is a little expensive, it offers great control over your website. With continuous and amazing updates pouring in and the beautiful UI of the website; it just makes it better and more accessible than Linux. If you are well versed in MSsQL and don’t have a team of developers, Windows will be your best friend. You need a server that you can operate and won’t have a completely clueless experience.

3.It runs on a familiar operating system

The current OS version of Windows has over 400 million people using it and over 1 billion in the database. It makes it the most sought-out and popular operating system. It is easy to use, and people already are familiar with it. In web hosting, the owners usually don’t have the access to the operating system but with windows shared hosting, you have the option of a Plesk control panel which is easy to use.

4.Plesk control panel

Plesk control panel offers an intuitive user interface where you can manage multiple domains and websites. It is focused on the needs of app owners and commercial websites. It is compatible with WordPress and other such systems. The panel is easy to use and monitor, and everything on windows is more accessible because we already know how to use it.

5.Security and Bugs

Considering windows are one of the biggest corporations in the world, security is its major domain. They offer high security to your website, and if it is shared hosting, it offers additional security to you. Other than that, it has great technical support. You will get your queries solved and bugs fixed as soon as possible, and for new web developers, there is no need to be fixated on the problem and worry about it.

In conclusion, the hosting plan you choose will have a major impact on your website. You want something familiar and optimized and windows shared hosting provides you all of that in one place. You won’t mind spending additional money if you are getting features and a server like nothing else. So choose wisely.