Tips to buy the right gaming controller

For a hardcore gamer, along with a gaming console, the accessories related to it also matters a lot. Because having the good accessories will give you the best experience of gaming. One of the important accessories for playing games is the gaming controller. The gaming controllers have been changing from time to time along with the advancement of technology. For a new player, it might be a little difficult to select the best gaming controller as there is the excess choice available in the market. Along with Computers & tablets at The Good Guys, you can also find the gaming controller. The best part is that you can find in detail a description of each product which will help you to select the right product. Let us see some things which you need to look at while buying a gaming controller.


  • Compatibility: There are two types of controllers one which is connected through wires and the other one which is connected through Bluetooth. The gaming consoles can be connected to all the different devices like computers, laptops, and even to mobiles. That’s why compatibility is very important as the controller should be able to be connected to any device without any hassle.
  • Comfort: It would be there in your hands for long hours if you are playing along with your friends so the comfort level matters a lot. When you buy the controller make sure you check the grip factor. If you can hold the controller for a long time without any discomfort than you that means it is having the best grip and having a good grip will help you to avoid falling off of the controller from your hand due to sweat.
  • Strongly build: There are chances that you cannot control your emotions when playing against your friend and losing the game. In such a situation there is the chance that you can throw the controller in frustration of losing the game. That is why you should buy the strongly build controller. If you say that you are very good at controlling emotions still it is better that you buy a strong-built controller because an accident can happen with anyone and the controller can fell from your hand.
  • Overcomplicated: Never choose the overcomplicated designed controllers even though they look so cool. You might take a long time to get used to all the different options provided and you may find it difficult to control the buttons. Due to the complicated design, it will also cost you more.


Hope you will keep all the above-mentioned points in mind while buying the gaming controller.