Where we can use cam switches?

Cam switches are utilized inside the low voltage run. On a pole, exchanging cams are made of scraped area safe conductive material. By pivoting the pole, the contacts are opened or shut by the cams. Frequently, a majority of cams are situated on a pole, which at the same time switch or switch a few sets of contacts. We are producing reliable cam switches at quisure.com. Contact us for the further detail of every item.

Ideal performance and safety:

Our spring return administrators are evaluated Type 1, 3, 3R, 12, and IP65 to withstand the most rebuffing conditions. Ours kept up administrators share similar appraisals with the expansion of the 4/4X rating.


Our cam switches administrators meet UL, CSA, and IEC standard necessities, making them reasonable for use in worldwide applications.

Clear Markings

Markings are necessary to the front plate and ensured, so they won’t wear off after some time.

Propelled Safety

Our switches are accessible with IP20 monitored terminals to ensure against unplanned contact with live parts.

Simple Installation

The basic locking system safely amasses the switch with the operator―the switch can be effectively and helpfully wired outside the bound space of the control board, and afterward introduced on the administrator that has just been mounted.

Quick Wiring

Blend head terminal screws incorporate hostage terminal clips for the simplicity of wiring.

Controls reduced, simple to introduce cam-worked rotational switches are an extraordinary answer for practically any control and burden break switch application. Administrators helpfully mount in a round 22.5mm opening that is straightforwardly exchangeable with generally accessible pilot gadgets and other control and burden break switches. Our On-Off kept up administrators are appraised Type 4/4X as standard for watertight and consumption opposition.

Item Features

  • Switches with IP20 monitored terminals and appraised from 16A to 32A up to 690V AC.
  • Switch arrangements in both kept up 60° and 90° and up to 6 shafts.
  • It can be introduced with a wide assortment of choices: Round Ring (no front plate) and 48mm x 48mm front plate in the standard switch, lockable switch, and key lock.
  • Markings are indispensable to the front plate and secured so they won’t wear off after some time.
  • The basic hooking system safely collects the switch with the administrator – the switch can be effectively and advantageously wired outside the limited space of the control board, and afterward introduced on the administrator that has just been mounted.
  • High-grade building plastics like nylon and glass-filled polyamide give extraordinary mechanical quality and long existence with magnificent electrical protecting properties.