Go Flawless With Linksys Velop

One of the important technologies of computer networking, Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN, which allows connecting to the internet without using wires. Wi-Fi is also known as Internet Routers. Network connectivity is provided with the help of radio waves.

Best Mesh Wi-Fi:

A set of router nodes with reliable wireless signals which covers the whole house; it provides a wider network coverage with excellent speed. Following are some of the best mesh wi-fi:

  • NetgearOrbi
  • Google Wi-Fi
  • Linksys velop
  • EERO Wi-Fi Router system
  • TP-link DeCo M5
  • ZyxelMulty X AC3000
  • Tenda MW6 Nova Wave
  • ASUS LYRA Home Wi-Fi system
  • LUMA Whole Home wireless
  • Ubiquity’s Amplifi IS

Characteristics of Linksys Velop:

One of the first mesh routers, it is a tower-shaped 18.5 cm high. It has a LED light which shows a blue light if the signals are good, but if the signals are too weak it shows yellow light, and if there is no connection a red light will appear. With a 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz, it is a tri-band router. It has six internal antennas, and ten access points can be added. Its MU-MIMO technology let it send data to several clients at the same time.


It can be installed through the Linksys application or a web browser. The router can be connected through Ethernet with the PC to view the settings. It is installed in only 20 minutes and used in bridge mode. If the mobile application is synced with Linksys Smart Wi-Fi accounts, you could even use it outside your home. In the configuration test, Linksys showed good Wi-Fi signal coverage, but it also depends upon the room in which we are. Its download and upload speed 134 Mbps 2 meters from the router but this speed decreases with the distance.


According to the  Test et avis du linksys velop, it shows a good internet status after being connected to several devices. The parental control is also appreciable. The time slots or days can be adjusted according to the parent’s choice. Certain sites can also be blocked for children’s security. All in all, Linksys Velop is a good mesh Wi-Fi, which shows an impressive speed with three bands, and it does not show any type of inconsistency. It would be a good decision to install this Wi-Fi Router at home to have a flawless internet connection.